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The New HX-2 Wasp Turbine-powered Helicopter

HX-2 WASP at the 10th hole of the Williamsburg Country Club, Williamsburg, VA (photo by Fred Jones)



A thorough evaluation has been made of the HX-1 WASP helicopter airframe following the recent pilot-induced engine-out accident. Based on the results of this evaluation, the management of HeloWerks has decided to continue the WASP helicopter program. This two-part program includes the development of the two seat, turbine powered kit-built helicopter and the aggressive search for financial partnerships to provide the capital to begin production of the helicopter kits.

The new HX-2 WASP helicopter will have new features integrated into the design based on “lessons learned” from the prototype HX-1 helicopter. Among these new features will be the following:

  • Easier cockpit access

  • Integrated electrical system

  • High speed turbine engine inlet

  • Improved landing gear with step

  • Energy absorbing seats

  • Single sump engine lubrication system

With these new physical improvements and our increasing potential customer base, HeloWerks expects to be a viable force in the future kit helicopter market.

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A video is now available of the WASP HX-1 flying at the 2006 Sun 'n  Fun air show. This video is selling for $10 USD.